Frequently Asked Questions About Our Financial Services

What is your business model?

Worth Financial Group Inc. is a privately held corporation whose strategy is to serve our representatives who in turn serve their customers. Worth offers wealth management to individuals through both retail brokerage and investment advisory channels. Worth has no proprietary products therefore no inherent conflicts in the investments we offer. Our business model is structured to align our services to the financial goals of our customers.

How do you serve your clients?

Worth’s representatives and financial advisor build long term relationships with their customers. There is no pressure to produce more revenue or new accounts which frees them to really understand their customer’s financial goals and aspirations.

Do you just manage my investments or is there more?

There is a significant distinction between investment management and wealth management. Investment management focuses on asset allocation and return. It measures success by the performance of individual assets and the performance of a portfolio overall, whereas wealth management is a more holistic approach. Wealth management accounts for asset allocation and return but is guided by a overall return approach that also includes asset location, after-tax return, long-term wealth preservation and intergenerational wealth transfer. The goal of our wealth management is not merely what our customers make on a quarter-to-quarter basis, but rather what they can count on through retirement. 

What is your investment approach and what investments do you offer?

Worth offers a wide range of investments including individual stocks and bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, mutual funds and traditional insurance products. The investments are tailored to the customer’s risk tolerance and investment objectives.

What are the different areas of your services?

Worth provides a full range of wealth management capabilities to meet our customer’s needs as their financial outlook grows and changes over time. Worth is dually registered as a Broker-Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor as well as an insurance agency to offer the widest range of choices for our customers. We work with trusted professionals such as estate planning attorneys and CPAs to form a team approach to a customer’s financial plan.

Would your firm be a good fit for me?

Determining if a firm is a cultural fit for you and your family is more art than science. Our representatives and advisors are able to answer the following questions to make sure they are a good fit:

  1. Are your investment philosophies aligned?
  2. Do you understand my current portfolio and your vision for how to grow it?
  3. Will you take the time to understand my personal goals, and aspirations?
  4. How will we communicate going forward?
  5. How often will you review my investments?

The wealth management firm and the representative will have a profound influence on the outcome of your financial plan.