Why Worth Financial Group?

Trust and Transparency

Your goals and expectations are important to us.  We invite you to read about how Worth Financial Group may be able to help you reach your financial goals.


Worth Financial Group

You have goals and expectations for the future. You need an intelligent portfolio that is in alignment with your evolving goals. Worth Financial Group believes that the first piece of the financial puzzle involves a financial philosophy that is targeted toward long term goals. The second piece of the puzzle is a financial advisor that shares your vision and goals with the independence to focus on unbiased decisions. This includes a management team that has the ability to implement a disciplined and strategic process and the experience to execute the strategy.


30 Years of Customer Service

With its primary office located in Dallas, Texas, Worth Financial Group was founded in March 1983. It became registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as a broker-dealer in September 1983. Worth Financial Group is also registered as a Registered Investment Advisor. Our objective is to create wealth, security and to help our clients realize their financial goals.


Experience and Discipline

Teamwork is a dynamic process involving common goals and communication. Accomplishing goals requires discipline and a financial team that you can trust and depend on. Worth Financial Group is a diversified financial services company that has assembled a team of experienced and talented professionals to provide a wide range of investment choices for their customers.


Now is the Time to Call Worth Financial Group

It is time to let Worth Financial Group assist you toward your financial goals. It is time to focus on putting the pieces of your financial puzzle back together. It is time to think differently about your investments through the management of Worth Financial Group.

We invite you learn how Worth Financial Group could be the solution for managing your hard earned money. For information on how to speak to a member of our management team, click Contact Us.